An Adventure by Ray Underscore Thompson,
Novelist and Erotic Sci-Fi Poet
© Ray Underscore Thompson, March 20th, 2017.

Steven Stchaikovsky, an astronaut of acclaim
For his sexual prowess and alliterative name
He soared through the galaxy hunting for tail
So one day he could find that special female

Blortleblot Blairable, a stripper of note
For her Neptune-blue skin and penchant to deep throat
She lived in a space station much like a jail
Hoping to find that one special male

Steven and Blortleblot met and they fucked
Into her buttocks, his wiener he tucked
They sucked face and sucked dick and sucked pussy and nipples
And into their hearts, the passion left ripples

But now you walk in, a fine man on the scene
Hair down to your jeans, and a tingling peen
Blortleblot hasn't changed the OPEN sign CLOSED
It's been OPENly posed for so long, you supposed
That it's been open forever, and she didn't know
To change it, and so, you tipped your hat; said, "Hello"
You told them your name and they welcomed you in
Steve threw the sign in the bin, and looked to you with a grin
And so did the alien, whose pet-name was Blair
She played with your hair and said it's okay to stare

So you did, and decided, although it was crude

That you had no choice but to sleep with the dude
That you had to see more of the alien nude
It was really your whereabouts that had to be viewed
...Wait, did I say you're a man? Female traits you exude
Alakazam! Poof! Now you have a cock
And it's Stchaikovsky's world that you've decided to rock
And it was for dear Blairable you came through that air lock
And of the room, you want to take stock
You'd come through the airlock, and sat decompressing
While you were in there, you'd started undressing
You wore jeans and a belt, but no shoes or shirt
You'd come to this space station looking to flirt
Through the long hall you walked, peering through windows
So many displays of slatternly bimbos!
But through one door's port, a blue babe caught your eye
She was divine and heavenly and fucking a guy
The door said it was OPEN, so you stepped inside
Your sight was on titties (though a little cockeyed)

The room that you stood in had a gravity generator
It had also been furnished by one lavish decorator
The walls, floor to ceiling, were purple and red
In long drapes of velvet, elegantly spread
All 'round the windows, that let in the starlight:
A vast sheet of darkness, with small dots of milk white
The carpet was shag, and felt soft on your toes
The air smelled of incense, which tickled your nose
The smell in the air helped you conceal a fart
As you looked to the bed, which was shaped like a heart
You looked 'round the room, seeing all that was here
Under the large crystalline chandelier

With settings observed, you returned to your desire
It was Steven's kind eyes that made your member rise higher
For Blortleblot's smile you'd grown a passionate fire
You put an arm 'round his shoulder, and the two of you went
To the red heart-shaped bed, where you soon would get bent
He cupped your back in his arms, and he laid you down slow
And then climbed atop you and kissed you, making your thingy grow

Steven admitted with a blush, that he was not into men
...Most of the time, but hey, every now and again
The difference became blurry, after those extra-terrestrials
Who had three rockin' boobies, and six sets of testicles

He kissed you, and slipped his tongue between your lips
He undid your pants so your pee-pees touched tips
You kissed him too, feeling his teeth with your tongue
He was already pantsless, and damn he was hung

You pulled him in closer, and whispered, in his ear
"Fuck my mouth"
"Yar, I want to plunder your butt, buccaneer!"
He sat on the edge
Of the heart-like bed and he
Got you on your knees

You diddled his nuts
As you licked at his big shaft
Like an ice planet

As you tongued his nads
You wondered about others
Who had come before

You thought to yourself
Has the grav-gen gone haywire?
You felt quite afloat

Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm,
mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm,
mm, mm, mm, mm, mm

Mmmm, mmmmmmmm, mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm,
His toes curled, legs got tense
mmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmmm, mmm, mmm--

He nutted in you
You swallowed, and he bent down
And he kissed you deep

You and him cuddled
Blortleblot joined you in bed
Time for a spit roast?
Double penetrate?
But suddenly, Roy Orbison walked in!
With a yo-ho-ho and dee-di-dotum
He rolled onto his haunches and lifted his scrotum
You dove head-first into the briney abyss
And upon his porthole laid one salty kiss
Then you moved you mast closer to bow
(Which is to say your dick's by his butthole right now)
You asked about lube as the seas can be rough
But the hatches of Steven Stchaikovsky are tough
So seabound you ventured, putting figurehead into bum
In another room, Bortleblot drank some rum

Stchaikovsky gritted his teeth and then called out, "YARG!"
As you pounded his butthole with your sexton among the stars
And like the rocking of the sea
        --though this was space--
You banged
Like the cannon
Of a pirate ship, and the feeling was ace

                The Seven          --
    -         Seas, Adriatic,           -
           Red, Caspian, Black,
          Mediterranean, Arabian,
And of course the Persian Gulf, Had little on
           Steven,   The
               Sea         your
     -        loins      sailed          -
                  'til sun          --


Outside the port window.
Which can definitely happen in space, if you think about it.

When Blortleblot returned from her drinking
You had pulled out, and left Steve's butthole winking

She crawled onto the bed, and the three of you cuddled

When you and Steven had reached the end of your refractory period,
You made a proposition
A spitroast
Double penetration
But suddenly, Roy Orbison walked in!
You took her hand gently, and led her to bed
Though her skin was all blue, you hoped to make her blush red
She was already nude, so your clothing you shed
As the two of you kissed, she stroked the side of your head

Lying on your sides, groping, feeling an alien body
She looked, felt, smelled, and tasted like a hottie
You kissed her tummy, she laughed, and she said you were naughty
From all of this foreplay, your hair had gotten knotty

By this point you were very erect in your schlonger
And wanted the feeling to last a lot longer
All down her body, your hands caressed and wandered
Until you were touching her boobs
Until a hand rested between her thighs
( o ) ( o )

You grabbed her left boobie
and you smiled :)
( o ) ( o )

You grabbed her left boobie
and you smiled :)
You grabbed her right boobie
and you winked ;)
You played with them both
You pulled them together
You poked her nipples
And you motorboated them breasts


You rested your head upon her fine breasts
While Steven crawled into bed
The boobies were amazing, but you still had an erect sensation
You decided to suggest some double penetration
You revealed that a spitroast was your ultimate temptation
But suddenly, Roy Orbison walked in!
She opened her legs, what a wonderful sight!
Some aliens had weird cooches, but hers looked just right
So you dove right on in with no hesitation!
Wild with your salivation!
No cessation!
Euphoria, ecstasy, happiness, delight!
Her va-jay-jay was perfect, so tasty and tight
And you were so eager, like a man in the desert drinking water
She almost fell off of the bed, but Steven caught her

Her cum tasted like rocket fuel
A taste that you secretly couldn't get enough of from your space travel
You grabbed her butt and pulled your face in deeper,
Tongue probing for more
of that liquid
You adore
Until she cried out--


And fell damn near asleep right on top of you
You cuddled up next to her--
Stchaikovsky too--
And looked out the window at the galaxy you were a part of

/   *            @         '   \
|                    *         |
|         *  .            *    |
| ,                      *     |
|     .     @     `            |
|               .            . |

When Blairable had caught her breath
--and you, had caught a massage from your fellow spaceman
You suggested one final act
A spitroast
Double penetration
But suddenly, Roy Orbison walked in!
He strut up to you, while the three of you were on the bed
With his dark sunglasses, dark suit, and holding three rolls of cling film

Help! he exclaimed, I didn't see an OPEN sign, but I'm in dire need!
Someone just gave me fifty rolls of cling film!
I want to test its quality before I use it to keep my baked goods fresh!
Would you three be willing to wrap me up in cling film?

It would be an honor, you told him
And the three of you stood
Each taking a roll of cling film in your galactically diverse clutches
The hands of the stars holding beautiful clear clinging plastic
The pinnacle of the plastic age

Roy stood tall, arms down by his sides
And the three of you danced 'round him
Skipped and twirled
A maypole

He is completely wrapped in cling film!
The three of you prepared
Blairable on her hands and knees, middle of the bed
        She smiled up at you, trusting.
You stood on the bed, cock at her mouth
Stchaikovsky at the ass
        Massaging her back with his thumbs and sides with his fingers.

You and Stchaikovsky high-fived
    (You and Blairable fist-bumped)
And he put it in and so did you
Blortleblot moaned on your cock as she sucked
Steven breathed deep and talked dirty as he fucked
You were lost in a Neptune-blue sea of fellatio
Her tongue licked under your shaft
Swirled 'round the head like a satellite
You bucked and were in her throat,
Thrusting as she bobbed back, wanting more of you
And you gave it:
Every inch Every centimeter
Every piece of you into her as Steven did the same from her other end
And you felt like if you pushed hard enough you would be able to touch tips
You leaned over, pulled Steven closer, hugged his chest to yours
And deeply kissed
Tongue in throat while you thought past him,
Thinking of the stars out the window behind him
How you'd always wanted to fuck one, but knew you would die
    In your head
        --To you very vividly--
    You no longer kissed a man
  And no longer face-fucked an alien
You were a spaceman enveloped in stars
Kissing impossible kelvins
Thrusting through atomic gridlock density
Your dick melted as did your face and your bones
And when you Came
it was

You woke up, enveloped in a nest of exhausted and beautiful limbs
Lips blue and pink pecking at your nude body, feeding you affection

You decided then:
You would follow Stchaikovsky's footsteps, and fill his place in the cosmos
You would live as Blairable had, in this room, with the sign on OPEN
You would forge your own path.
Blortleblot stood at the edge of the bed
and bent over
so her elbows dug into the soft mattress
     She twirled a piece the sheet between her fingers,
         patient and eager,
         for you and Steven to get ready
         You and Stchaikovsky
       Two stellar spacemen
      Two hard dudes
    Stood behind her

             Steven put his dick on top of yours
                        you held yours under his

He put it into her peacock-blue ass
           you put it in her vagina

And Blortleblot moaned, squeezing the piece of bedsheet tighter
in her lovely fingers
She leaned back into both of you, filling herself with cocks
Her vagina pulled your dick in harder,
damn-near prehensile,
like sticking your schlong in the universe's best massage chair
You came in an instant.
Filled her with more spunk than you'd ever known you could make,
and she milked you for every drop
Like you had spent so many years milking the Milky Way for boobies

You were like an animal--they always seem to eat things ass-end first
So you dove to where your cock had just came,
and where Steven's was still pumping, and you feasted
on alien snatch
human dick
your own semen--that little which escaped her inward pull
and from all of that Steven came too, and that too, you got a taste of
The three of you piled onto the bed, kissing and groping and fingering
You licked everywhere, unable to help yourself--there was nowhere left
--not a single spot--where your tongue had not felt the surface, salty
skin of their bodies. In the passion's waning fire, you made a choice:
You would follow Stchaikovsky's footsteps, and fill his place in the cosmos
You would live as Blairable had, in this room, with the sign on OPEN
You would forge your own path.
You put on your pants
Kissed them goodbye
And left
/      *        .              \
|   *                *     *   |
|-        *               *    |
|                   `          |
|     .     @          '       |
|               .            . |